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About Us- Indi Stone Co.

Indi Stone Corporation was founded to cater the needs of domestic construction conglomerates. Soon the company had its business expanded to major developing states and became traders and gained control over various projects and businesses.In 2021, Indi Stone Corporation has successfully registered itself as a Merchant Exporter.

Indi Stone Co., has excelled the field of natural stones supply chain. From procurement of uncut- raw stones, to processing, polishing and also supply of finished products using entrusted partner companies in the field of logistics, Indi Stone Co., has been able to mark its presence in the domestic market and believes to serve the International Market too by blending integrated logistics with top class- high end product. All this is possible only by quality check at each stage, developing strategic alliances with quarries, nurturing human power within and outside the company, having relentless efforts in maintaining relations with top manufacturers and by having customer satisfaction as top priority. Over the past decade, the company has been able to supply all sorts of stones to almost every state in the country.

The conglomerates and retail suppliers that the company has supplied its products to are a part of the firm and have been loyal customers because of our market presence, importance to customer satisfaction, timely supply, quality check and standardization of supply. The company is equipped with modern software systems to ensure the supply chain right from the quarry to the customer’s door. The team consists of experienced professionals who have dedicated nearly two decades in the field of both stone and logistics.

Our pricing beats the pricing of the market due to our strategic approach of procurement of material and use of integrated logistics in moving the material. This helps us maintain low costing and ensures high product standards. Our team of experienced logistic managers has maintained good relations with major Shipping Liners, Freight Forwarders, Custom Brokers, Rail Transporters and Road Transporters, which helps us maintain our logistic systems.

Our philosophy- To increase our market share by supporting the chain behind.

The company has only focused in increasing the market share by using extensive marketing strategies to reach as many customers as possible. This is the reason the company only invests in procurement of natural raw stone and invests highly in marketing and quality inspection but not processing/ production of material. The company outsources its production to support the livelihood of small and medium scale factories. Indi Stone Co., has partnered with a dozen small and medium scale factories in and around various states to maintain growth and harmony of business. Indi Stone Co., not only values standards but understands the key role of time in the whole process. It uses its time and investment in developing and maintaining client base by providing customer satisfaction and moving goods in time.